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We have always been a creative family where you can express your feelings and emotions in your own creative way. When the time came for my dad to retire, we saw the perfect opportunity to carry on with this creative gene and started something we both love. And so, Papier was born.

My name is Anika and I am a stationery designer by day, a mom and wife ALWAYS, and a creator of pretty things when the time is in my favour.

My dad Anton, is a retired teacher with a world of knowledge in everything from history to art and of course the amazing talent of making our unique paper.

We create beautiful fine art paper and styling goods with recycled paper and to ensure that soft, rich cotton feel, we add… nothing.

Our paper is  100% suitable for printing and other printing techniques like letterpress and foil stamping.  Our paper is also suitable for calligraphy and non-oil based paints.

Paper is not our only ability, and we offer an incredible and exciting journey of designing. We focus on Branding and Custom Wedding Stationery.

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