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Handmade Paper

All of our beautiful handmade papers are made for all types of stationers, calligraphers and illustration artists. Our paper is made from a 100% recycled paper stock, and by not adding any other elements, we guarantee a soft cotton touch, and as expected from handmade paper a different unique texture and deckled edge with every sheet.

Because we love all things natural, handmade and from the heart, our paper is not mass produced, but handmade with love, and each sheet will have a unique quality, deckled edge and weight. Our papers have the most perfect imperfections and all flaws are in our minds a must. The delicate deckled edges are truly swoon-worthy. Take note that because of these gorgeous natural deckled edges, sizes will vary with each batch.

When it comes to printing, we print from the top feed area of your inkjet printer, but we can not guarantee that all digital printing will be as successful on all printers. Ordering a set of sample sheets to test your prints might be in your best interest.

We love creating fresh batches with every order and don’t usually keep paper in stock. Please make sure to calculate our turn over time of 10 working days (excluding delivery) into your time frames.

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