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Mila styling box


Our MILA styling box is filled with special handpicked and handmade items and is curated to work with any theme and help you style your images with ease and detail. All items will be beautifully packed in a grey Wibalin box, big enough to inspire you to start filling it with your very own collectibles.

The MILA box consists of:

  1. Handmade Invitation Set/ contains 1x A5 | 2x A6 | 1x DL | 2x 50x90mm Escort Cards – take note/ this is a blank set and any design can be printed on our beautiful handmade paper. you can choose the paper colour from our standard colour range to go inside your box (white, taupe or grey) THIS STATIONERY SET IS NOT TREATED FOR CALLIGRAPHY OR ILLUSTRATION. You can choose a paper colour from our standard colour range.
  2. Handmade Ring Dish – this ring bowl is our Soft dish and is standard to the box.
  3. Wax Stamper – this stamper has a beautiful dandelion icon for the minimal and romantic style.
  4. Wax Wix – 2x wax wix in white, black or antique gold.
  5. Small Gold Stork Scissor – beautiful and dainty to go with any style.
  6. Calligraphy Pen – pen holder and nib – take note/ this pen and nib was picked for styling purposes only.
  7. Natural Hand Dyes Silk Ribbon – 100% raw silk, hand dyed ribbon. take note/ this ribbon is for styling purposes only.
  8. Medium Sized White Sea Glass – 10x sea glass collected off the beautiful West Coast seashore.
  9. Wooden Pine Spools – 2x beautiful pine spools that are a stunning addition to your styling box.
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